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Golf Course

Deep Creek Golf Club, located just 2 miles off I-75 in Port Charlotte Punta Gorda, Florida.  The golf course offers a challenging 6000+ yard, Mark McCumber design - encompassed by a world of native Florida wildlife and natural landscape. This is one of the best Charlotte County golf courses.  And don't let the "par 70" factor fool you. This Charlotte County golf course is uniquely designed to challenge your skill of course management, lined with endless meandering waterways and plenty of bunkers to test your sand play. Come play Deep Creek today!


Deep Creek Golf Course

Team 1

Deep Creek is a semi-private golf club that is open to the public for an affordable daily fee. Open 7 days a week from 7am to 6pm.  Proper golf attire required.

You will love Charlotte County golf.


Team 1


Hole by Hole Tour

Hole 1 / HCP 1 / Par 5
Blue: 557 | White: 512 | Red: 473
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | The Green | Side View of Green

This hole is one of the most difficult par 5 starting holes anywhere. It starts off with water in front of the tee, winding its way down the entire right side of the hole, right to the edge of the green. An errand tee shot here can put you out of bounds past the trees on the left. Keep the ball in the fairway if you want to have a reasonable shot at making par or even birdie. The rough running along the right-hand side of the fairway tends to push the ball towards the water, so slicers beware. The second shot with a fairway wood or long iron is also guarded by water, trees and sand. Big hitters can make it in 2, but that approach shot better have pinpoint accuracy or else. There is water left and right of this green, shared with hole number 8. Because this green is so well guarded, your best bet is to play it safe on your 2nd shot, leaving yourself a short iron approach. Make a 5 here and you are off to a great start with a par on the number 1 handicap hole. Take a chance and miss your mark - and you'll be heading to the 2nd tee 2 or 3 over to start the day.

Hole 2 / HCP 15 / Par 3
Blue: 158 | White: 139 | Red: 122
Photos: From the Tee | The Green

Hole number 2, the first of 6 par 3's at Deep Creek, looks like a no-brainer but don't be too sure. Hit the green with your tee shot and you will most likely par. Miss the green and your short game skills may be challenged by one of 3 deep green-side bunkers and some of the toughest rough found on this course. This is a very large and undulating green, so you want to get it close off the tee if you plan to birdie. Hope to get a good pin placement, and again, land it close or you'll have a tricky 2-putt on your hands.

Hole 3 / HCP 5 / Par 4
Blue: 395 | White: 348 | Red: 273
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot

The course has provided you with a nice wide landing area for your tee shot. You can grip it and rip it, but just be sure to stay in the fairway. The entire left side boundary of the fairway is out of bounds and balls hit left will run further left. Water lines about 1/3 of the right side of this hole and a bad slice over the water will tend to work the ball back into the pond, if you make it over initially. The smart play is to hit to the 150 marker and then come in with a short iron to the green. If you're off a bit on your approach shot, it's better to miss to the right than miss to the left.

Hole 4 / HCP 13 / Par 4
Blue: 338 | White: 303 | Red: 291
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | Side View of Green

Hole number 4 is a good birdie hole if you play this dogleg-left smart. Big hitters will be tempted to fly the pond located just in front of the green, but you're looking at about a 300 yard carry from the back tees. It's been done, but it's rarely seen. Hit a mid to long iron off the tee and out into the middle of the fairway and you'll be in perfect position to birdie this short par 4. Be careful with a wood off the tee, because the pond is reachable with a good hit. Stay left with your approach shot if anything, but avoid the deep green-side bunker. If you happen to find the water on your approach shot, there is a drop area located up near the green.

Hole 5 / HCP 7 / Par 3
Blue: 175 | White: 161 | Red: 147
Photos: From the Tee | Side View of Green

This hole will play tricks on you, so be cautious. There's not much room for error here, with out-of-bounds lining the entire left side and a pond quickly consuming the 2nd half of the rand-hand side and rear of the hole. If you miss short and left and manage to get into the deep green-side bunker, you'll have a delicate "up and down" to make - staring straight into the pond behind the green. If you miss right at all off the tee you're pretty much doomed, as thick vegetation takes up much of the right side and just past these thick bushes your ball will run down and to the right. Needless to say, you'll most likely find the pond if you push it right.

Hole 6 / HCP 11 / Par 4
Blue: 348 | White: 322 | Red: 274
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | Aerial View

The key to this hole is to put the ball in the fairway off the tee. Easier said than done though! The fairway is narrow with native vegetation guarding both sides. Find the fairway off the tee and you will have a short iron approach shot to the green and a good chance at birdie. Big hitters will be tempted once again to drive the green, but you had better be accurate. There's little room for error on hole number 6. Big hits that fall short will often find the bunker short of the green or one of the strategically placed palm trees to get behind. If you miss far left off the tee, be sure to give a shout to the players on 7th tee.

Hole 7 / HCP 9 / Par 3
Blue: 179 | White: 151 | Red: 126
Photos: From the Tee | Side View of Green

This can be a tricky par 3 if you don't hit it sweet off the tee. The bunkers that guard this green can be very unfriendly and can be extremely tough to get up and down from. Make a good tee shot and take a par or birdie to the 8th tee to try to equal the task on the 2nd of these challenging back-to-back par 3's. Note also that out-of-bounds lines the entire left side of this hole.

Hole 8 / HCP 17 / Par 3
Blue: 161 | White: 131 | Red: 112
Photos: From the Tee | The Green

Hole number 8 shares the green with hole number 1, so if you were smart you may have had a good look at it from the back already. Obviously, the tee shot is key. Avoid missing long and to the right on this hole. There's room left and right of the green, but only water in the back right. It's a straight-on, high-iron shot for a relatively easy par and possible birdie. Putts from the very back of this green will prove to be the toughest of all.

Hole 9 / HCP 3 / Par 5
Blue: 524 | White: 466 | Red: 417
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | The Green View | Rear View of Green

This hole possesses a huge landing area off the tee, but a tight tee shot to get it there. If you can cut the corner you can get home in two, but it's no easy task. This par 5 starts out as a sharp dogleg-left, then segues into a short dogleg-right, with out-of-bounds down the entire left side of the hole and water guarding the entire right side of the hole. It also possesses one of the largest fairway bunkers on the course and a waste area nearly 150 yards long. The smart play here is to concentrate on getting the ball out into the fat of the fairway off the tee, then hit a safe shot out to the left of the trees, leaving a short iron to the green. It is a definite par hole if played properly. Play it smart and carry a par or maybe birdie into the back nine.

Hole 10 / HCP 6 / Par 5
Blue: 509 | White: 471 | Red: 443
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | The Green | Side View of Green | Aerial Shot

This dogleg-right Par 5 can be reached in two shots with a good drive over the trees and bunkers seen at the corner of the dogleg. The safe route off this tee is to avoid the out-of-bounds on the right and drive the ball out into this huge fairway. A long iron or fairway wood 2nd shot will leave you a short iron approach shot to the green. Big hitters beware if you miss left of the fairway bunkers. You can easily hit your tee shot through the fairway and into the out-of-bounds that lines the left side of the 2nd leg of the hole. Getting home in 2 will require flying a huge bunker located just in front of the green.

Hole 11 / HCP 14 / Par 3
Blue: 139 | White: 115 | Red: 101
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | Side View of Green | Aerial View

Avoid the water on the right-hand side and the sand trap to the left of the green and this par 3 hole will give you a chance at a birdie before the two very demanding par 4 twelfth and thirteenth holes. A miss to the right of this green will surely run down and into the water. Out of bounds lines the entire left-hand side of the hole. A miss to the left will require a very delicate chip-shot to save par.

Hole 12 / HCP 10 / Par 4
Blue: 386 | White: 334 | Red: 309
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot

Hole number 12 provides a large enough landing area off the tee, but you must keep it straight to avoid the scattered palm trees along the left side and the thick shrubbery lining the ride side. A mid to long iron is all you need off the tee here to put yourself in a nice position for par or possible birdie. The green is guarded by a front-right bunker and water to the right as well. OB comes quickly on the left, so being too aggressive with your approach shot could lead to trouble.

Hole 13 / HCP 8 / Par 4
Blue: 394 | White: 337 | Red: 288
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot

Hole 13, considered to be one of the toughest driving holes at Deep Creek, forces golfers of all levels to make a great tee shot. Water meanders its way down the entire right side of the hole, with deep steep banks luring balls its way. You must carry the waterway's first bend in order to have a shot of reaching the green in two comfortably, but be careful not to drive the ball too far, because the waterway works its way back into the fairway just past the 150 marker. Getting the ball to the 150 marker is the smart play here, leaving a decent approach shot to an undulating green. Be careful not to overshoot this green. It's a tough chip back, as you'll be dealing with a wall of high vegetation.

Hole 14 / HCP 18 / Par 3
Blue: 125 | White: 104 | Red: 93
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | Aerial View

Don't be fooled by the yardage here. This is no easy Par 3. Although it can be reached with a very short iron, the green is guarded by two sand traps that make the green look closer, a grass bunker between the sand trap and the green which makes for a tough "up and in", and the green itself is only 15 paces from front to back. The back of this green quickly becomes out-of-bounds, so don't be too aggressive with a back pin placement, unless you're a confident marksman. Aim for the fat of the green to assure yourself of a par.

Hole 15 / HCP 4 / Par 5
Blue: 538 | White: 503 | Red: 490
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | The Green |Aerial View

The last Par 5 on the course, this dogleg-left can be reached in two only by the longest of hitters. A drive in the fairway, a fairway wood 2nd shot and an accurate short iron approach will give you a shot at birdie before three straight Par 4 holes. It takes a pretty big hit off the tee to carry the left-side bunker and an even bigger hit to carry the trees enough to avoid falling out-of-bounds. Hit a provisional here if you're not sure if you carried the trees far enough. OB lines the entire left side of this hole, so be careful not to get too aggressive with your approach shot, as the left side tilts towards the OB up near the green.

Hole 16 / HCP 12 / Par 4
Blue: 383 | White: 338 | Red: 303
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | Rear View of Green

Hole number 16 is an extreme dogleg-right, giving the bigger hitters the option to drive the ball over the trees to cut down the distance of the approach shot. Beware though of the trees and vegetation scattered along the right side after the turn. A great-looking tee shot can often lead to chipping out onto the fairway and a scramble to make par. If playing it safe and hitting straight out to the fairway, be careful not to drive the ball too long. A mid to long iron will suffice off this tee, leaving a reasonable shot at birdie. Missing the green to the right will be far more friendly than missing to the left. The area on the right side of the green will usually work the ball towards the pin, where missing left will tend to leave you in the greenside bunker if short or run you into the waterway lining the back of the green if long.

Hole 17 / HCP 16 / Par 4
Blue: 327 | White: 284 | Red: 271
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | Rear View of Green

Give yourself a chance to get to the green is the thought for this sharp dogleg-right hole. The long hitters have a chance to bypass the dogleg and go for the green in one with a driver. However, you must carry the ball 256 yards over water, trees and sand to succeed. The conservative approach is to lay-up off the tee with a middle to long iron, keeping the ball on the left side of the fairway to have clear view of the green. A short iron approach to the green will give you a good shot at a birdie before heading to the home hole.

Hole 18 / HCP 2 / Par 4
Blue: 409 | White: 356 | Red: 327
Photos: From the Tee | Approach Shot | Aerial View

This is a tough finishing hole, with water meandering its way along the entire left side and OB left once you get to the green. The ideal ball placement with the driver would be right center of the fairway, avoiding the trees and water on the left. A middle iron approach to the green must avoid the sand trap on the right front of the green and out of bounds left of the green. Par is a good score on this difficult hole. Missing the green long here will require a very delicate chip-shot back onto the green and close to the hole.

Deep Creek Daily Golf Rates

Winter Rates   W/Cart     Walk   FL Resident
Jan. 15th to March 7th              
Before 12 p.m. - 18 Holes   $49     ~   $44
After 12 p.m. - 18 Holes   $39     *$26   $34 
After 2 p.m. - Twilight Golf   $34     $25   ~
After 3 p.m. - Super Twilight Golf**   $24     $15   ~

All Prices subject to change without notice.

Above Rates Do Not include Florida Sales Tax

Walking Restrictions may apply for seasonal times.  *Walking is allowed after 1:30 PM or on the Back 9 Before 8 am.

FL Resident must have a Florida ID or Florida drivers license present at time of check in to receive discount.

Proper Golf Attire is Required.  Shirts with Collar.  No tee shirts allowed.  Ladies- No spaghetti string tops.  No sleeves, must have a collar.    Soft Spikes Only.

Tee times can be made 7 days in advance for members only, and 5 days for the general public. 
Junior Golfers under 16 years of age pay 50% off regular rate when accompanied by an adult (Restrictions apply during peak season). 

**No rainchecks will be issued on twilight rates after 3 pm.  Rainchecks are issued on a per hole credit and are good for 4 months. 

Special rates for Charlotte County Police, Fire, and EMT personnel. ID required.  Seasonal restrictions apply.

Call the Pro Shop (941)-625-6911

Golf Lessons at Deep Creek

Our staff of golf pros love to teach the game!

Todd Evans played competitive golf at Riverview High School (Sarasota), and went on to the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a B.A. in Marketing. Todd has been here at Deep Creek for 14 years, and has been voted by Charlotte Sun readers as the best golf pro in Charlotte County.  Todd is a PGA Professional and U.S Kids Certified Instructor and is devoted to improving golfers with their game of golf. 

Kris Andreu played competitive golf for Charlotte High School before coming into the golf business. Kris has been part of the Deep Creek staff for eleven years and is our Head Golf Professional. He was the assistant golf professional at St. Andrews Golf Club for 5 years before his time at Deep Creek Golf Club. He is studying to be a PGA Professional.

Both Pros are adept at teaching golf for all abilities. Their junior clinics are especially popular in the summer time.

Lesson Information

Private instruction may be booked through the Golf Shop. Also, Learn to Play Packages are available.For more information about golf lessons and other instructional programs at Deep Creek Golf Club, please complete the form below to contact our staff. Thank You!

eMail Address
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Charlotte County Golf at The Deep Creek Golf Club


Pro Shop

The Pro Shop at Deep Creek is a full service, fully stocked Charlotte County golf pro shop. Whether you need to be fitted for a set of clubs or a nice shirt, our personable and knowledgeable staff will guide you on your quest. Head Golf professional and merchandise buyer Kris Andreu, the Shop is ready for your every need. If we don't have exactly what you want we can order it for immediate delivery. We carry Adidas, Ashworth, Oakley apparell and sunglasses, FootJoy, Taylor Made, Cleveland, Ping, and many other brands.

If you are purchasing for a family member or a friend, consider one of our gift certificates.  The certificate is good on purchases of golf, cart, food and beverage, merchandise, and/or the range.


Practice Facilities

Improve your swing at our dedicated Driving Range. Whether your lengthening your drive or focusing on form, this is the perfect place to ensure an improved game of golf. 

Golf lessons are also available, so be sure to contact General Manager Todd Evans or Head Golf Professional Kris Andreau for more information go to the  Rates tab, click on Lessons and submit a request form.

Range memberships are also available.


Crooked Stick Cafe

After a fun day of golf, come on into the Crooked Stick Cafe and enjoy your favorite sandwich and drink. while watching your favorite team on the 50" TV. Or sit out on the deck, relax, and enjoy the view of first tee and ninth green. 

The  Cafe serves breakfast and lunch daily. It is also available for group functions through out the year. The Crooked Stick has many menu plans for your function. For more info, contact us by clicking the Events tab above and submitting a request form.

The Hole-In-One Wall of Fame

Charlotte County Golf Membership Options

Deep Creek Golf Club

All Memberships are Annual (12 months) and considered pre-paid greens fees.  Cart Fees are collected for each 9 or 18 hole round, Unless you purchase an Annual Trail Fee (see below for price).  Walking allowed anytime between April and December. 

Membership with Deep Creek G.C.

  • Family Memberships $2,400.00 (Cart fee of $18 applies)
  • Family Trail Fee  $1980.00 (Unlimited Cart Fees- ie. No Cart Fees)
  • Single Membership - $1,637.00 (Cart fee of $18 applies)
  • Single Trail Fee $1314.00 (Unlimited Cart Fees- ie. No Cart Fees)
  • Junior Membership (Golfers 16 and under) - $267.50
  • Driving Range Family - $267.50 (Range included with above memberships)
  • Driving Range Single - $197.95  (Range included with above memberships)

Membership Benefits

  • Golf Cart Trail Fee available (price listed above)
  • Guest Play Cards
  • 7 Day in advance tee times
  • Discount on Golf Instruction
  • Unlimited Driving Range
  • U.S.G.A. Handicap Tracking and Card
  • Active Men's and Women's Associations (weekly games/tournaments)
  • Summer Reciprocal program with 25+ local golf courses
  • Club Storage Available
  • No Assessments!
  • No Food and Beverage Minimums!
  • No Initiation Fee!

Our Men and Ladies Association is very active. Please click below to view:
Deep Creek Ladies Golf Association Invitation Letter

Deep Creek Men's Golf Association Invitation Letter
Click here for the Fall Schedule


To All Men Golfers:

The Deep Creek Men’s Golf Association would like to extend an invitation for you to join us in weekly golf games enjoying the friendship and camaraderie with other golfers.

The Men’s Association meets during season from November thru April every Friday morning at 7:30 AM. To become a member of the Deep Creek Men’s Golf Association, you must have a USGA established handicap of 36 or under; or submit 6 score cards showing the results of playing 6 rounds of 18 holes at Deep Creek Golf Course with a Deep Creek Men’s Association member within the previous 45 days of application. Applications and Men’s Association Bylaws are available at Deep Creek Golf Club Pro-Shop or click on the link below.

Annual dues are $50.00 with an additional $5.00 weekly for event prizes as well as a separate bonus prize for all holes-in-one. Additionally, optional, prize pools are available for those interested. Scheduled events are designed to meet the Men’s Association primary objective: to have fun, meet other members, and provide an opportunity for members to enjoy the fellowship and sociability within

A schedule of events will be posted on the bulletin board and on the Deep Creek Golf Club website. Each week, the Men’s Association Event Coordinator will assign teams or pairings of golfers based on specific event requirements.

We have two major seasonal tournaments, the President’s Cup, and the Club Championship. Additionally, we have several luncheons during the season and a banquet, including spouses, near the end of the season.

If you enjoy the game of golf, want to meet new friends, or simply want to have a lot of fun, come join us. For more information on the Men’s Association, contact the Deep Creek Pro-Shop.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you on the course.

Men’s Association President              Bill Watson

Deep Creek Pro-Shop                          941-625-6911
Deep Creek GM/Director of Golf       Todd Evans
Deep Creek Head Golf Pro                  Kris Andreu

Revision: September 2014




Our Professional Team at Deep Creek is committed to the success of your event. From the planning, implementation and final wrap-up, we are here to serve you. We offer a variety of complete hassle free event packages to choose from or we will customize one to fit your specific needs. 


Wedding & Banquets

Our brand new clubhouse was finished in October 2007 and has all new furnishings and a state of the art kitchen.  The well appointed dining room and bar can handle parties of up to 100 people. The waterside deck overlooks Deep Creek and the first tee. In all, it is a perfect gathering place for just about any small function. 

Upcoming Events

The following events are planned at our golf club.

Upcoming events

Please Contact Us To Schedule Your Event



Our 'Standard Outing Package' includes green fees, cart and range balls. Our Professional assistance includes on course contest set-up, customized rule sheets, scorecards,  cart signage and a professional cart staff to assist you.  After play, the Crooked Stick Cafe can accommodate over a 100 people.

Contact Us

Deep Creek Golf Club
1260 San Cristobal Avenue
Punt Gorda, Florida 33983

Tel: (941) 625-6911
Fax: (941) 625-6592

Todd Evans, PGA 
General Manager

Kris Andreu
Head Golf Professional, Buyer/Merchandiser

Jackie Hampton
Food and Beverage Manager

John Plantholt
Golf Course Superintendent

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